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Healthcare Courses Q&A’s

What are the differences in the memberships you provide?

We provide 4 different types of memberships, Free, Employee, Owner, and CEO

Free – Basic intro courses in the healthcare to get you started to help you learn the basics within the healthcare industry to get your foot in the door.

Employee – This level will help almost anyone with a current job in the healthcare industry, build and keep your skills sharp. Learn how to better provide care for clients and patients, time management skills and how to overcome the difficulties you may be facing within the healthcare industry.

Owner – This level has access to al of the other courses as well as specific courses to help you grow your healthcare clinic or practice as well as gives you a lot of hints, tips and tricks to running a successful business and scaling your business. some of these courses involve legal knowledge, healthcare staffing knowledge, how to solve common problems withing the healthcare business and more!

 CEO – This level gives the benefits of all of the previous levels but with an added bonus! At this level you can custom build courses specific to your business model and cater to what your employees want or need to know. You can provide up to 10 slots for employees within your business to have employee access and monitor their learning progress and GPA on different courses. This level isn’t without learning and also has access to high level healthcare business practice knowledge and gives the capability to submit courses that you would like to have added to the platform without having to do anything!

Can I upgrade my account if I've already purchased?

Yes, you can always upgrade and downgrade your account to fit your personal or business needs. This option is located inside your account area.

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